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Marussan is a world of magic and gods. Many people live on its shores and these powers do not touch their lives. Here, though, on the outskirts of the Dragon Woods, a story begins to unfold and only the seers know when and how it will end.

Dissent is a story about pride, manipulation, and courage. It is a story about sacrifice and salvation; what leads a person to ruin, and what gives them the determination and will to overcome it.

It is a story about people.

(Character bios will be translated as the characters are properly introduced..)

Age: 26 (local calendar: 12 years, 7 months)
Height: 5'11" ; Weight: 160 lb.

Botany was born and raised on an island in the North called Greyson's Port. Her people, the Adev, originated from the stars and only made Marussan their home after a catastrophic technical failure forced them to land their vessel here. Botany aspires to be recognized as a scientist in the field of xenoanthropology, but is also a gifted martial artist. Until her meeting with Fant Gemina, she had never been given conclusive proof of the existance of magic, though her grandfather had traveled the world in his time and returned with many fantastic stories.
Age: (23 local calendar: 10 years, 20 months)
Height: 5'5" ; Weight: 140 lb.

Fant was born in Sairra and raised in Ianone. The Geminas have long been an influential family in the kingdom of Ianone and Fant's early talents in chaos magic suggest that he will carry on the legacy. In fact, his deep understanding and control of the element have earned him the label of prodigy. In recent years, his father passed away prematurely, leaving him in charge of the household. Things take a turn for the worse when one of the family's most powerful spellbooks is stolen.

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